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Get notified when an updated version of a cloud service you use is available by gently nudging you to plan an update!

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What is this website about?

One-stop resource to get information about currently supported versions of services available on multiple platforms.
Answering questions like: is MySQL 8 supported by AWS Aurora Serverless or is Kubernetes 1.22 supported by AKS?
Get information quickly about a single service or subscribe to get email notification when new versions of cloud services are released.

Who should subscribe?

DevOps engineers, engineering managers, project managers, system architects. Basically anyone who is in any way of form involved in maintaining and building their systems using cloud offerings.

Why use this instead of relying on the cloud provider's emails?

  • Only admin accounts get those emails and it’s then up to the admin account to forward the email. This forwarding can potentially not happen.
  • Cloud providers send out emails when a service version is at the end of life, making it difficult for someone to be always on the latest if they desire. Plus, reacting to them usually means you are many many versions behind already.
  • Folks waiting for a specific version to become available so they can start using the service. If you don’t use the service, you don’t get notified by the cloud provider.